The race is on for mattress manufacturers to make better beds. In truth, the race has always been on, but it feels more like it has been on in recent years because the rules have changed. The meaning of “better beds” does not and cannot just mean beds that are cheap to make and provide enough comfort to sell.

These days people know that “enough comfort” is not worth the money when compared to the comfort they could be getting. And not only that, but ethical concerns have become a big part of marketing. Those ethics are what a Winkbeds Mattress offers, as well as what a Winkbeds Mattress review considers.


Available sizes
Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King
Support levels
Soft; Luxury firm; Firmer; Plus
Gel-infused foam; Individually-wrapped pocketed coils; Tencel cover
Hybrid design; Euro-pillow top; 100% natural Eucalyptus-derived Tencel; Extra-Edge™ anti-sag support; SleepCalm™ motion isolation technology
Fast and free shipping; Durability guarantee

Winkbeds Mattress Review

The first thing you should be made aware of is that the Winkbeds Mattress is a hybrid mattress. That means that it utilizes both memory foam and springs to create its support. There was a time, not so long ago, when the only mattresses you could get were spring mattresses. These were not very comfortable.

Spring mattresses would have a cushion on top and another on the bottom with an array of springs and stuffing sandwiched in between them. All of this would be wrapped in a protective layer of nylon. The issue is that the cushions would get flattened out as time went on. Eventually, you’d just be sleeping on springs.

Springs are not very comfortable, but they did provide enough support that people were willing to accept them. Then came the invention of memory foam, and along with it, mattresses that were completely made from memory foam. Memory foam conforms to your body but can still regain its original shape.

Memory foam cannot do this forever, though. As time goes on, the memory foam will become flatter and flatter. This will happen far slower than it would with the cushions of a spring mattress, but it would still happen. So, mattresses went from being made of springs to being made of memory foam. What’s next?

The next advancement is hybrid mattresses that use both. Winkbeds mattresses are exactly that kind of mattress, using the conforming softness and resistance to flattening of memory foam along with the stability and longevity of springs to make a longer-lasting mattress with a variety of possible textures.

This construction is not uncommon. What is uncommon about the Winkbeds mattress is what it is made of and how it is made. It is special due to its Eucalyptus-derived cover and gel-infused foams.

Overall performance and functions

Winkbeds Mattress Review - Is It the Best Hybrid Design? (Winter 2023)
Eucalyptus is most famous for being the preferred food of koala bears in Australia, and for a good reason.

The first thing you will notice when you lie down on the Winkbeds mattress is the breathability of the cover. The first layer of the bed is a cover made out of Tencel, a fabric derived from Eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus has incredible properties as a fabric, as well as a tranquilizer. Even processed into a quilt for the mattress, the breathability of it still allows you to benefit from that. “Breathability” in this case means two things: The first is your skin’s ability to get fresh air even while you are lying down.

The second is the mattress’ ability to vent heat out of it. Mattresses and pillows that are not very breathable end up feeling stuffy and warm. If you have ever had to turn a pillow over to the cool side because it is too warm, it is because it is not breathable. With the Tencel quilt covering the top layer of the Winkbeds mattress, the side you are lying on is always the cool side.

The mattress also provides good pressure relief. This means that it supports your whole body evenly, no matter how you lie on the mattress. Some people prefer to sleep on their sides, while others lie on their backs, and still, others use the front of their bodies to sleep. Good pressure relief works for all of these.

Pressure relief works by letting the heaviest parts of your body sink into the mattress first. That means the top third of your abdomen (in the area of your shoulders) and the bottom third of your abdomen (where your hips are) will sink into the bed deeper than the center of your abdomen.

When you are lying down flat, the weight of your shoulders and hips will put a strain on the middle of your back. This is why surfaces that are perfectly flat are uncomfortable to sleep on, as they do not support your back enough to relieve that strain.

If your shoulders and hips are allowed to sink into the mattress, however, then that is a different story. Then your back can be supported by the mattress, allowing the tension to flow out of it. This is what the hybrid construction of the Winkbeds mattress provides.


The Winkbeds mattress comes in six sizes. You can think of these as the basic sizes for a bedroom or a guest room. They are twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and cal king. There are no RV sizes available.

Think of these sizes as small, medium, and large. Twin and Twin XL are small because they can only fit one person. King and Cal king are large because they can easily fit two people. Whereas full-sized and queen-sized are medium because while they can technically fit two people, they are not great at that.

The issue, especially with hybrid mattresses like the Winkbeds mattress, is how movement and pressure transfer on a medium-sized mattress. Full-sized and queen-sized mattresses are definitely big enough to fit two people. But if either of those people moves, the other will feel it.

Not only that, but if either of those people begins to leave an impression on their side of the bed, then the other person will also start to feel that. A king-sized or Cal king-sized mattress is better for a couple in a long-term living situation together because it allows them to deform their own side of the mattress alone.

Innovative materials

Winkbeds Mattress Review - Is It the Best Hybrid Design? (Winter 2023)
As mentioned before, the highly breathable Eucalyptus quilt sitting at the top of the mattress is a game-changer in terms of overnight comfort. But that is far from the only impressive material at work here.

The Winkbeds mattress has four layers to it, all of which do a different job. The Eucalyptus quilt is the top layer, obviously responsible for making contact with your skin. But below that is a cushion made from gel-infused foam. Gel is more unique than foam in that it does not allow air into its molecular structure.

Foam is mostly empty space. You can tell that this is the case just by touching it or picking it up. Air fills this empty space, but when you lie down on it, the air is forced out of it. When you get off of the mattress, two things happen: The first is that the foam refills with air, helping it expand back to its original shape.

The second is that the foam Trusted Source Changing a Mattress: How and When to Choose One Memory foam is hypoallergenic and helps prevent motion transfer, but it traps a lot of heat and can off-gas chemicals. Off-gassing is when new mattresses release chemicals and have a strong smell. Memory foam mattresses can last about 10 to 12 years. itself expands on its own. It always expands back to be slightly deformed compared to the structure it started as though. The reason why gel is significant is that it does not rely on the air to help it expand again. Instead, it gets its shape back completely because of the second force.

This happens because gel is far denser. That means that it does not need to compress as much in order to support a weight that is put on top of it. The result of these two qualities is that gel is far more efficient and long-lasting than memory foam when it comes to dealing with people lying on top of it.

You might be wondering then why gel is not used in mattresses in place of memory foam. Well, simply put, gel is not comfortable. Not only that, but while it can regain its shape reliably, it can get dirty in a bunch of ways that cause it to break down. The Winkbeds mattress solves this problem by not making a gel layer of their mattress but by infusing their memory foam with gel molecules.

This causes the memory foam to have the ability to take its shape as gel does without all the downsides of gel’s frailty to heat and stains. You get the long-term benefits of gel without the short-term issues.

Below that layer of gel-infused memory foam is the springs of the mattress. These are not just course metal springs, however. They are made of metal, but it is metal wrapped in a padded fabric that means that no matter how deformed or sunken-in your mattress gets, you will never feel the springs.

The very last layer is a thin rubber lining that goes both under and around the edges of the mattress. This is the least complicated or revolutionary material on the mattress, but it is one that should not go unappreciated. What this layer does is provide the mattress with an easily moved surface.

Moving a mattress around the ground or on a rough surface of any kind can damage the mattress. This thin rubber layer does not weigh down the mattress, but it is still durable enough to pad it against friction. The result is a mattress that is thick with layers of comfort while still being easy to move and set up.

Levels of support

Winkbeds Mattress Review - Is It the Best Hybrid Design? (Winter 2023)
If you are not sure which kind to get, then get luxury firm, the medium option.

“Levels of support” is a term in sleep science for the firmness of a mattress. The Winkbeds mattress comes in four levels of support: softer, luxury firm, firmer, and plus. These are all named rather creatively, so here is the truth of the matter: “softer” is soft, “luxury firm” is medium Trusted Source Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain Research is limited, but in one study, researchers assigned new mattresses to more than 300 people with low back pain. They used either “medium-firm” or “firm” mattresses for 90 days. Those in the medium group reported the least amount of discomfort. , “firmer” is firm, and “plus” is extra firm.

The best way to decide between them is to go by your sleeping style. For instance, if you sleep on your side, then you should tend towards softer mattresses. This is because sleeping on your side puts a lot of strain on your shoulder and nowhere else. That means you will want a mattress you can sink deeper into to relieve that weight.

If you sleep on your back or your stomach, then it is better to get a firmer mattress. This is because you will need to support your shoulders, neck, and head.

The reason why you can go with the medium option and feasibly support either your side or your back is not necessarily due to the ingenious design of the medium option. Rather, medium firmness mattresses are the most receptive to a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers are accessories you can get for mattresses that allow you to modify the firmness of the mattress. They do not change the mattress, but instead have their own firmness or softness that essentially replaces the mattress’. The firmness of your mattress will still matter, though.

It is worth noting that the “Plus” option for firmness is not just for extra firm mattresses (though it is extra firm). Technically, the plus option is for plus-sized individuals. This is the level of support that anyone over 300 pounds should get, as a softer bed will just have you sink down into the springs at that weight.


The main part of maintaining a Winkbeds mattress is cleaning it, and luckily its design is highly conducive to thorough cleaning. Cleaning beds have traditionally been made with vacuum cleaners. This was especially prevalent in the days of the spring mattress when the mattress was wrapped in unabsorbent nylon.

You see, the mattress was wrapped in nylon for more than just the texture of it. In fact, nobody really likes the texture of nylon mattress covers. But nylon mattress covers serve a purpose, and that purpose is keeping things from getting into the cushion or the stuffing of a mattress.

There are four things that will commonly make a mattress dirty. Three of them are solids, and those are dust, allergens, and bacteria. The last one is not a particular liquid but rather liquid in general.

Most mattresses are designed to keep the dust, allergens, and bacteria on their surface rather than letting them into the mattress itself. This raises some questions like, “Doesn’t that make them go towards the sleeper easier?” Yes, it does. But it also makes sure they are easier to vacuum off.

It also makes sure that none of them find their way into the mattress itself. In particular, if bacteria were to get into the mattress, then it could develop into a mold or fungus. It is much more preferable that it gets stuck on the outer cover of the mattress.

The quilt on the top layer of the Winkbeds mattress also keeps most dust, allergens, and bacteria on its surface. It is unique, however, in that its breathability makes it able to take in some of the dust and allergens rather than rejecting them all. It is also treated chemically to be inhospitable to bacteria.

This means that the surface of the Winkbeds mattress will usually be cleaner. But even when it does get dirty (usually be “breathing in” dust and allergens), that porousness also means that you can vacuum it and have it been more effective than if it were just a normal spring mattress with a nylon cover.

The gel-infused memory foam below it is also easier to clean, though in a different way. You may recall that beds usually have to deal with liquid stains and moisture as well. In the case of a normal spring mattress, those liquids would sink into the mattress and get lost in the stuffing, making them quite hard to clean.

But in this case, the way the memory foam is shaped means that those stains will sink straight down. That means all you have to do to clean them is bring them straight back up. All it takes to do that is a little heat, meaning that memory foam mattresses like this will respond well to carpet cleaners.

Simply use the carpet cleaner to heat the mattress, causing the liquids to rise while the solid material of the mattress does not. Then, use the cleaning solution to get rid of those liquids.

A lower maintenance alternative to a carpet cleaner is using shampoo. This will not get rid of the worst things that might soak into your mattress, but hybrid designs like this are highly receptive to shampoo. On top of that, the shampoo might not get rid of wine stains, but it will kill a lot of bacteria. This means that it is easy to get a few extra years on the lifespan of your Winkbeds mattress by keeping it clean.

Durability and warranty

Like most memory foam mattresses, a Winkbeds mattress will last for eight to ten years. The difference between a memory foam mattress that lasts for eight years and one that lasts for ten years is hygiene.

You can make a mattress last longer by giving it a mattress protector that will repel the things that make it the dirtiest. This mattress protector will also absorb those things so that they harm neither you nor the mattress itself. After they have absorbed too much, you can wash them like a sheet.

The warranty of the Winkbeds mattress is unique in that it lasts for your entire lifetime. Most mattress warranties last for ten years, but this one goes far beyond that. This reflects the design choices of the mattress, which clearly indicate it is meant to be a mattress that lasts for a while in your home.

If your mattress is damaged or destroyed through no fault of your own, then you can return the mattress and get a new one completely free. One important note is that if you have any damage or mold growth in the mattress within the first 120 days of owning it, you can get a full refund instead.

This is because if anything grows in your mattress that soon, then it was there when you got the mattress. Since selling a mattress like that and labeling it as new is illegal, Winkbeds will be quick to reimburse you.

Price tag

The prices of Winkbeds mattresses start pretty reasonably for how much innovation and comfort they provide. A cheap twin mattress will usually be in the $500 or $600 range, and a higher-end one will be a few hundred dollars more. The Winkbeds mattress occupies the higher end at $849 for a twin mattress.

This is a good place to note that the “plus” level of support option tends to cost $200 more. This is the only level of support that costs extra. Getting a softer or firmer mattress does not impact price elsewhere.

The increase from a twin to a twin XL is $100, bringing it up to $949, and then the increase from a twin XL to a full-sized mattress is $150, bringing it up to $1199. These increases are somewhat lower than the industry standard, though that trend is broken, with the queen being $1499, a full $300 more.

From there, the king-sized Winkbeds mattress is $200 more ($1699), and the Cal king is $150 more than the king (at $1749). This is far more in line with the earlier trend, meaning that there are two halves to the pricing of a Winkbeds mattress: The single-person beds and the two-person beds.

While a queen-sized bed is not the ideal two-person bed, it does the job and earns its spot to be included among the king and Cal king-sized beds. The financial separation between the one-person beds and two-person beds is not ideal for anyone who likes a big bed, but it gives you an idea of what they are for.

Key features

The Winkbeds mattress is a highly advanced hybrid mattress that uses breathable fabrics, gel-infused foam, and fabric-wrapped coils to make a sublime sleeping experience. The cost of it reflects these advancements, and while it is easy to clean, it is not always easy to transport.

Breathable fabrics and gel-infused foam are not materials that everyone is familiar with, so Winkbeds provides two things to help you mitigate the sense of risk you might feel with the product. The first is that it has that lifetime warranty mentioned earlier. This makes sure to account for anything funny happening.

But perhaps more importantly, it also has a 120-day guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with your mattress within the first 120 days of owning it (which is four whole months, by no means a small amount of time), then you can return it for a refund. This is a mattress that supports single sleepers, married couples, and even plus-sized people with levels of support that abide by all tastes.



  • Great pressure relief
  • Ethically sourced materials
  • Long-lasting with a good warranty
  • Expensive, especially for larger beds
  • Heavy and hard to transport/set up

Other popular models




Available sizes Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King
Support levels Soft; Medium or Firm Not specified
Materials Tencel cover; Patented Aircell memory foam; Progression foam Talalay latex comfort layer; Innerspring support system; New Zealand wool and organic cotton cover; Extra-edge support system
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime

GravityLux Mattress

Winkbeds Mattress Review - Is It the Best Hybrid Design? (Winter 2023)

The GravityLux mattress specializes in temperature control. This is accomplished by its Aircell memory foam and Progression foam materials. These work to create a classic combination of conductor and insulator that has been used to control the temperature of homes for decades.

How it works is that the Aircell memory foam conducts heat. Conducting heat is much like conducting electricity, except with thermal energy rather than electrical energy. Like electricity, heat is always trying to reach equilibrium. That means it is trying to balance itself out between bodies.

If something hot is placed next to something that is not hot, then heat will transfer from the hot body to the cold body. The more conductive each body is to heat, the faster this transfer will take place. Human bodies are great at conducting heat, meaning that if they are placed next to something that is cold but also conductive, then heat will leave them quite quickly. This is why it hurts to touch cold metal.

The GravityLux mattress has a layer of Aircell memory foam under its breathable quilt that is conducive to heat, meaning that your body heat will go into it. It will not stay there, though, as it will naturally be drawn to the Progression foam under it. This foam is an insulator, meaning that it does not conduct heat.

This means that eventually, the heat in the Aircell foam will become as warm or warmer than you are and be forced to go back into your body. Any excess heat will be offloaded into the Progression foam, which, due to its low conductivity, will be very slow to let go of it.

The end result of all of this is a mattress that does a great job at keeping you at an even and cool temperature. If you prefer to sleep cooler rather than warmer, then this is the ideal mattress for you.



  • High-quality temperature control
  • Lighter and easier to transport than the base model
  • Still pretty expensive
  • Not quite as supportive as the base model


Winkbeds Mattress Review - Is It the Best Hybrid Design? (Winter 2023)

The EcoCloud is named as such because it is ecologically friendly while having a cloud-like softness. With a cotton top quilt made from wool zoned from New Zealand and a layer of Talalay Latex under that, it is made of materials that are reputed for being clean, carbon-neutral, and (more importantly) comfortable.

But environmental benefits are not the only reason EcoCloud stands out. It also features a unique hybrid design in its coils that allow it to keep your back straight and aligned during sleep. This helps make sure that not only is tension relieved from your spine but that your spine does not bend in your sleep.

This is made possible by the Extra Edge anti-sag support system at its base and around its sides. This helps keep the coils in line but also applies pressure to the mattress to keep the person lying on it lying flat and straight. In your sleep, your body will gravitate towards the path of least resistance, and the support system of this mattress ensures that this is as straight and relaxed as possible.

As a result of the eco-friendly materials and support system, the price of this mattress is the highest of the three. A twin-sized mattress alone costs $1099. Keep that in mind when you buy it.



  • Ecologically friendly materials that still work wonders on your back
  • A support system designed to help maintain good sleeping posture
  • Much more expensive than similar products on the market


The Winkbeds mattress does just about everything a mattress should do, and it does it right. It does not have every size for every budget, but if that is the mattress’ biggest failing, then that is an alright place to be. And remember, while the two-person mattresses are a bit pricey, the one-person mattresses are not. The biggest compliment this Winkbeds mattress review can bestow is that Winkbeds uses unusual materials to make an unusually good sleeping experience.


Changing a Mattress: How and When to Choose One
Memory foam is hypoallergenic and helps prevent motion transfer, but it traps a lot of heat and can off-gas chemicals. Off-gassing is when new mattresses release chemicals and have a strong smell. Memory foam mattresses can last about 10 to 12 years.
Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain
Research is limited, but in one study, researchers assigned new mattresses to more than 300 people with low back pain. They used either “medium-firm" or “firm" mattresses for 90 days. Those in the medium group reported the least amount of discomfort.
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