The Sleep & Glow pillow is a special type of pillow designed to prevent or minimize the occurrence of sleep wrinkles by changing how much strain is put on a person’s face when they sleep compared to how traditional pillows do.

When you sleep on a conventional pillow, the skin of your face is likely to get squished. After long hours of sleep, your face may become swollen and wrinkled. These are known as sleep wrinkles, which may contribute to the appearance of regular wrinkles on your face. In this Sleep & Glow pillow review, you will discover how this pillow can help you maintain a youthful-looking face.


Memory Foam
Dimensions (in.)
13.62 x 7.91 x 7.72
Weight (lbs.)
3 years


If you constantly sleep on the side of your face, lines are likely to develop from all of that pressure. Although wrinkles are inevitable as a person ages, most people would rather delay them as much as possible or reduce how many wrinkles appear on their face. This is exactly why the Sleep & Glow pillow was invented. 

The patented design of this weird-looking pillow allows it to cradle the face in a way that helps to limit the appearance of creases that develop into fine lines and wrinkles later on. In addition to this decorative feature, the Sleep & Glow pillow also has some orthopedic benefits since it promotes healthy sleep posture. Here’s an overview of some of the features of this pillow that make it suitable for these purposes.  

Overall performance and design

The major factor that determines the performance of the Sleep & Glow pillow is its design. It has a unique futuristic design that makes it look different from your conventional pillow right out of the box. The pillow is divided into multiple zones that work in different ways to solve both cosmetic and orthopedic problems. 

The most advertised feature of this pillow is how it helps prevent your face from getting creased when you lie on it. The anatomical design of the pillow minimizes twisting and folding of the skin as your face is kept from leading too much into the pillow. This prevents morning puffiness and wrinkles as well as the unsightly pillow marks that appear on your face after long hours of sleep. 

Sleep and Glow Pillow Review: Get Rid of Sleep Wrinkles (Winter 2023)
A new top-quality foam with even more adaptive properties, supporting your head and neck giving you the best night’s sleep of your life.

The Sleep & Glow pillow is meticulously built with inputs from both cosmetic and orthopedic professionals. The design makes it appropriate for different sleeping positions, but it is best for those who sleep on their side and back. In addition to its ability to solve wrinkles and other beauty issues, this pillow also supports optimal spine health and correct posture. 


The Sleep & Glow pillow is made from top-quality handcrafted and safety-approved materials that ensure maximum comfort and safety. In addition to the shape, the material choice is another factor contributing to this pillow’s effectiveness. 

It has a memory foam construction Trusted Source What is Memory Foam - A Look at The Pros and Cons - The Sleep Judge Memory foam is a common type of mattress that people use. However, a lot of the time people do not fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of foam. which makes it dense enough to support your head without being too stiff. The memory foam also allows the pillow to do an excellent job of cradling your head regardless of your sleeping position. It also provides great neck support and cradles your shoulder as well. Memory foam can adjust to the weight and shape of your body, so you will feel more comfortable with daily use. 

The pillowcase is made from equally quality materials. You can choose between tancel and silk materials, both of which have unique characteristics that further improve the users’ comfort. They are natural fibers known for their cooling features and durability. The pillowcase material is also hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect for users with sensitive skin. 

Silk is often considered the strongest natural protein fiber. This naturally elastic material is derived from the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. As a pillowcase fabric material, it has a number of interesting characteristics that you are likely to find beneficial. These include: 

  • It does not absorb moisture and creams 
  • It improves hair healthy by reducing the chances of hair breakage and tangling 
  • It has moisture-wicking properties.  
  • It can help regulate body temperature allowing you to keep warm in winter and stay cool in the warm summer months. 

Tancel, on the other hand, is the brand name of a type of fiber material known as lyocell. While Tancel is derived from natural sources Trusted Source What is Tencel? - HANGZHOU CHUNWEI TRADE CO., LTD Tencel is a kind of man-made cellulose fibre, which is translated from English TENCEL (natural eucalyptus fiber), the fabric is often considered synthetic fabric since it has been processed to create the fiber. Tancel has some impressive properties that make it a favorable option as a pillowcase material for the Sleep & Glow pillow. These include:

  • It is a highly breathable material. In fact, it is more breathable than cotton 
  • It is also softer and stronger compared to other fabric materials
  • It is less prone to wrinkling 
  • It is also less prone to bad odor and accumulation of bacteria compared to other common pillowcase materials. 

Dimensions and weight

Right out of the box, the pillow has a unique appearance that is sure to look attractive. It only comes in one dimension which is 22 x 15 x 5 inches. The lack of size variety may be a concern for some since it is often better to match your pillow to your height, sleeping position, and head size. But the Sleep & Glow pillow adapts really well, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Given the shape of the pillow, the dimension is not uniform. Different zones have different thicknesses depending on the function they perform. The head support bolster is the thickest, with a thickness of 4.72 inches. The neck support bolster is 4.33 inches thick, while the head support zone for back sleepers is only 3.5 inches thick. 

Ways of using

People are often baffled by the weird shape of this pillow and often wonder how to use it. The unique “H” shape of this pillow is one of the most impressive things about it. The entire pillow is divided into six zones depending on how the sleeper intends to use it, as highlighted below. 

Face cradle – for side sleepers 

Sleep and Glow Pillow Review: Get Rid of Sleep Wrinkles (Winter 2023)
Developed by orthopedists to provide neck and head support for healthy and comfy sleep.

This zone is designed for side sleepers. This makes it the most important zone on the pillow since 80% of people sleep on their side. It features cutouts that are designed to conform to the sleeper’s face and cradle it as you sleep on your side. This helps to maintain the natural shape of your face while you sleep. The bolsters protect the fragile skin of the face from getting compressed the entire time. 

Zone for head positioning

Next to the face cradle zone, there’s a zone for head positioning. This conforms to the shape of the head whether you are sleeping on your side or your back. This feature also helps to keep your head on the pillow and reduces strain and tension on your head and neck muscles. 

Head-Cradle-For back sleepers 

This pillow has a neck cradle designed for those who prefer to sleep on their back-allowing them to enjoy natural spine and neck alignment when they sleep. There is a small narrow depression in the middle of the pillow that helps to extend the back when you sleep on it. 

Upper Head Support

Sleep and Glow Pillow Review: Get Rid of Sleep Wrinkles (Winter 2023)
It helps fight and prevent sleep wrinkles, morning puffiness, and protects eyelash extensions.

The upper head section of the Sleep & Glow pillow is thicker compared to the lower end. This makes it easier to tell which side of the pillow should be facing upwards or downward for optimal head support. In addition to helping you tell which way is the right way up, the upper bolster also helps to keep your head slightly inclined to promote optimal blood flow and prevent headaches and face puffiness when you wake up. 

Neck support

The lower end of the pillow has a neck support area that is not as thick as the upper side. This part of the pillow conforms to the shape of the sleeper’s head. This ensures a firm and stable positioning of your spine and neck regardless of your preferred sleeping position. The neck support also aids a healthy morning glow since maintaining proper neck position when you sleep ensures that blood and lymphatic fluids flow from your face properly. 

Shoulder cradle

On the lower half of your pillow, you will find the shoulder cradle, which helps to keep your shoulders aligned with your neck and head. It provides your shoulder with a firm surface to rest on rather than the squishy surface that conventional pillows have. This promotes healthy sleeping postures on all sides. The shoulder cradle also helps to keep your shoulder relaxed and comfortable while you sleep.


The high-quality pillowcase materials used for this pillow do not absorb moisture and creams when you sleep. Not only does it mean you can use sleeping creams with the pillow without bordering about getting it stained, but it also makes it very easy to clean the pillow Trusted Source How to Clean Your Memory Foam Pillow | Nature's Sleep The key to keeping a clean pillow is knowing what type of material is used inside.

Ease of maintenance

The Sleep & Glow pillow is made from durable and easy-to-maintain materials. The fact that the tancel (and silk) pillowcase does not absorb moisture and oils means it is less prone to stains and will not accumulate dirt. This helps to prolong the life of the pillowcase and the pillow it covers. However, softer than cotton, the pillowcase material is quite strong and is less prone to wrinkly. It also has hypoallergenic properties, which means it will not amass bacteria and bad odor like many other materials would. All of these factors make this pillow quite easy to maintain compared to regular pillows and other specialty products. 


While there is no warranty for damage per day, there is a 30-days sleep trial on this product. This allows you to try the pillow for at least 30 days to see if it will be suitable for you. If the quality of performance does not meet your needs within 30 days, you may return it and get a full refund for the pillow. Since it takes some time to get used to the pillow (about 2 weeks) and some people may never find it comfortable enough to continue using, the possibility of returning it is a welcome idea. 

Price tag

Selling at about $200, a lot of people will consider this pillow pricey, especially when compared to traditional pillows. But from its benefits, it is well worth its price. Also, when compared to other specialty pillows like this, the Sleep and Glow pillow is not very expensive. Most pillows in that category often cost between $200 to $300. So what you’re paying for this is in the lower-end price spectrum. Other more expensive pillows promise similar features as this one. Good quality pillows with specially constructed designs and features like can get quite pricey. But the Sleep & Glow pillow is premium quality and lives up to the hype in the long run. 

Other features

Sleep and Glow Pillow Review: Get Rid of Sleep Wrinkles (Winter 2023)
An additional foam insert helps you adjust the height of your pillow to suit your personal preferences.
  • Hypoallergenic: the Sleep & Glow pillow is designed to be hypoallergenic. It features silver ions that help to prevent the accumulation of fungi, bacteria, and other microbes that may release allergens on the pillow. This ensures that the pillow fulfills its purpose of promoting comfortable and healthy sleep. 
  • Adjustable height: although there are no size varieties with this pillow, you may be able to adjust the height to suit you using additional foam inserts that come with it. Adding the foam inserts allows you to increase the height of the pillow accordingly based on your preferences. 
  • Signature pillowcase: this pillow comes with a custom-fit Sleep&Glow Omnia pillowcase included made from 100% Tencel fabric.
  • Approved by Cosmeticians and Orthopedics
  • Hypoallergenic properties 
  • Suitable for different sleeping positions (especially for back and side sleepers) 
  • 30-days sleep trial 
  • Comfortable and breathable materials
  • It comes in only one size, so it might be too small or too big for some people. 
  • It takes some time to get used to the foam (and some people simply never do). But it’s worth the trial



Always waking up with wrinkles on your face is bad for your face as it aids the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Using a Sleep & Glow pillow is one of the most efficient ways to prevent this. As you can see from this Sleep & Glow pillow review, this specially designed pillow does a better job at supporting your head than regular pillows. 

In addition to its cosmetic effect, the Sleep & Glow pillow is also capable of supporting the weight of your head and supports your neck and spine. This has orthopedic benefits and ensures you get a more restful sleep. Although it takes a while to adjust to this pillow, you stand to benefit a lot if you eventually do.


What is Memory Foam - A Look at The Pros and Cons - The Sleep Judge
Memory foam is a common type of mattress that people use. However, a lot of the time people do not fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of foam.
Tencel is a kind of man-made cellulose fibre, which is translated from English TENCEL
How to Clean Your Memory Foam Pillow | Nature
The key to keeping a clean pillow is knowing what type of material is used inside.
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