For eco-friendly sleepers, Ettitude has an extensive range of soft and gorgeous beddings for you to choose from. These leading producers of sustainable sheets give you a chance to sleep green while enjoying the comfort, breathability, and everything else you expect from a high-quality bedsheet.

Ettitude is gaining attention from many homes because of their unique approach to bedding, and have expanded into manufacturing other bedding-related products. You can purchase a wide range of sheets from this company, but in this Ettitude Sheets review, we would be focusing on the Twill Sheet Set.

Keep on reading our Ettitude Sheets review to know more about what the Twill Sheet Set has to offer.


Bed Sheets
100% Organic Bamboo
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King


Ettitude is an Australian-based bedding company that focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly sheets. To achieve this, they don’t use cotton, which is a labor-intensive fabric but use organic bamboo instead. They manufacture bed sheets, comforters, pajamas, sleep masks, and duvet covers.

They are well-known as the first-ever company to create sheets made of 100% bamboo lyocell Trusted Source Pulp fabric: everything you need to know about lyocell | Fashion | The Guardian It’s got a scientific name and a heavenly silkiness – but is the material that is showing up everywhere, from catwalks to your wardrobe, really as sustainable as we are led to believe? , which is the sustainable version of silk and is known to be very soft. Even if their products are plant-based, they remain the top choice for eco-conscious customers because no pesticides and herbicides are used in the process.

Bamboo also has cooling properties, which makes Ettitide’s bedsheets a top choice for many homes. They are also great for customers with sensitive skin and allergies.

Ettitude has an extensive range of bed sheets and bedding-related products in its collection. Some of their popular sheets include Signature Sateen Fitted Sheet, boasting of its minimal design with classic piping detail, deep pockets, and silky breathability from Bamboo Lyocell.

The Signature Sateen Sheet Set offers you ten colors to choose from, a set of fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases, and the signature vegan silk created with Bamboo Lyocell. If you need a flat sheet, the Signature Sateen Flat Sheet would feel great against your skin and is also made with classic piping detail.

Whether you want fogs or clouds on your bed, the Sateen+ Sheet Set s infused with naturally antimicrobial charcoal for freshness, while the Bamboo Lyocell offers top comfort. If you only need the fitted sheet, go for the Sateen+ Fitted Sheet, made with bamboo charcoal-infused polyester and great at reducing bacteria. You can purchase the Sateen+ Flat Sheet version with the same features.

When you’re on the move, the Sateen Travel Set will come in handy, allowing you to take the silky-soft comfort to your sleeping bag or hotel room. Ettitude also has some baby bedding products like the Crib Fitted Sheet, which comes in gorgeous rose, fog, or cloud colors and protects your baby’s delicate skin.

All these sheets are of high quality and provide eco-friendly alternatives to bedding. This is why it keeps on increasing in popularity among many buyers. The sheets usually come at an affordable price, especially when you buy the set so that you can enjoy sustainable comfort at little expense.

In this guide, we would be focusing on the Twill Sheet Set, which includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases for a wide range of bed sizes. Like other bedsheets from Ettitude, this sheet set offers eco-friendly comfort and is great against your skin.

Let’s take a closer look.


Ettitude Sheets Review (Winter 2023)The Ettitude Twill Sheet Set is 100% organic bamboo, which provides you with comfort, breathability, and durability. It is made with the signature CleanBamboo™, in which the bamboo fibers are woven in a diagonal pattern, giving you a heavier drape and plush weight.

Bamboo is also an eco-friendly choice because the production is not as labor-intensive and does not require as much water as cotton, which is usually used on bedsheets. According to Ettitude, the bamboo material used in these sheets are equal to a 1000 thread count on cotton so that you can expect silky softness against your skin.

Ettitude isn’t wrong, as the Twill Sheet Set feels smooth and soft, offering you the level of comfort and luxury that you need when using a bedsheet. Since bamboo is also known for its temperature regulating capacities, you can enjoy using the Ettitude Sheets in any weather. It makes you feel cool when the weather is hot and can give hot sleepers a more comfortable night.

The material is ideal for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic. It is also free from harmful chemicals, and so it is perfect for all kinds of people regardless of their allergies and skin types.

The Ettitude Bamboo Sheets would be a great fit in your bedroom, regardless of the season. It features deep pockets that allow it to wrap around any mattress and a top/bottom tag that makes it easier to identify during laundry.

To meet its promise of eco-friendliness, the bamboo sheets come pre-washed and packaged in a drawstring bag made from recycled scrap fabric.

Color Choice

Ettitude Sheets Review (Winter 2023)The Ettitude Bamboo Sheets come in only one color, and that is Cloud. This is equivalent to white, except it is very bright and has a shimmering, silky look.

Although it has only one color, you can get the Twill Sheet Set in six different sizes. This makes it versatile and open to all kinds of beds. The size you choose does not affect the price, and they all come with the same sustainable features.

Machine Wash Option

The Ettitude Sheets are also very easy to take care of, and washing them does not take away their softness or color. It can be washed in a washing machine, but there are different factors you have to keep in mind. It should only be put through the cold wash and select the gentlest option because of how delicate the fabric is.

Then, you should tumble dry low or dry it on the line. You can prevent wrinkles from forming on the sheets by shaking them out after you wash and before you dry. Also, remove it immediately it is dry, and don’t pile it with other clothes. If you need to iron it, ensure the iron is warm.

Ettitude Sheets Review (Winter 2023)Don’t use bleach, fabric softener, or dryer balls when washing and drying the Twill Sheet Set. You should wash the sheets alone so that it doesn’t absorb any colors from the other clothes in the machine, as this would spoil the white fabric.


Although the Ettitude Bamboo Sheets offer top-most quality, they don’t sacrifice durability in the process. The bamboo might seem fragile and delicate, but it is highly durable. You can expect this sustainable bed sheet to last for more than 15 years.

Also, bamboo sheets are known for holding their color well, so regardless of how often you put it in the washing machine, the color won’t fade. All of these depend on whether you take care of them properly.


Ettitude constantly boasts of how breathable and comfortable their sheets are, which isn’t surprising since bamboo sheets are known for regulating temperature.

The Ettitude Bamboo Sheets have a cooling effect created by the weave cools, which are adjusted for a breathable and comfortable sleep. You won’t feel too hot or too cold when you sleep with these sheets. Instead, they feel great against your skin.

Price Tag

The Ettitude Twill Sheet Set helps you save money because you get the fitted sheets, flat sheets, and two pillowcases at $130. This is way more affordable than buying these sheets and pillowcases separately.

Ettitude sheets are well-liked because of how cost-effective they are. Even if they are made with sustainable materials and extra care, they are still affordable compared to other types of eco-friendly bedsheets out there. But they are a bit expensive when compared to normal sheets. And, you can enjoy the comfort they provide for over a decade without spending money on buying another one.

When it comes to maintenance, you don’t spend any extra funds to take care of your Ettitude Bamboo Sheets. It simply needs to be put through the washing machine safely.

When you purchase the Ettitude sheets, you get a 30-night sleep trial.



Made with eco-friendly and high-quality products. It’s a bit expensive.
Highly breathable for all weather conditions. Comes in only one color.
Perfect for customers with allergies or sensitive skin.
Can be easily washed and maintained.
Is highly durable.


The Ettitude Twill Sheet Set is the way for anyone needing eco-friendly and gorgeous new sheets on their bed. Offering you a complete bed set at an affordable price, you can look forward to comfortable nights and safety for your skin. From our Ettitude Sheet review, it’s clear that you can trust these manufacturers, who have made a name for themselves by focusing only on high quality and customer satisfaction.


Pulp fabric: everything you need to know about lyocell | Fashion | The Guardian
It’s got a scientific name and a heavenly silkiness – but is the material that is showing up everywhere, from catwalks to your wardrobe, really as sustainable as we are led to believe?
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